Virginia Tech LB Beat Man To Dying After Being ‘TRICKED’ Into Intercourse!! (Specific Particulars)


Prosecutors say a suspended Virginia Tech football player Isimemen Etute beat a man to death after finding out the victim was not a woman after the two had sex.

And according to exclusive messages from the victim – it appears that Isimemen was seduced into sex by a gay man who exploited young black straight men.

MTO News confirmed that Isimemen was charged with second degree murder on June 2 in Blacksburg, Virginia. According to police, he killed a man named Jerry Smith. Isimemen, a member of Virginia Tech’s 2021 Recruiting Class, was suspended from the team following his indictment.

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Prosecutors allege Isimemen allegedly told police he punched and kicked Jerry 40 several times after discovering Jerry was a man. Isimemen had allegedly been tricked into having sex with someone he believed was a woman – and “lost” and killed him.

According to police statements made Wednesday during a hearing, Isimemen visited the victim’s home for oral sex on April 10 after being hooked up with someone named “Angie” on Tinder.

MTO News got news from “Angie” – or Jerry. Jerry allegedly targeted young straight black men on social media posing as a woman. Isimemen appears to have been tricked and possibly fallen victim to by Jerry.

Here are some messages “Angie” sent young black men on social media in hopes of tricking them into accidentally having sex with a man.


MTO News learned that police claim Isimemen returned to the apartment on May 31st to engage in sexual activity – but this time discovered that Angie was actually a man named Jerry.

Isimemen allegedly told police that MTO News learned that he slapped the victim in the face five times and kept slapping as the person hit the ground and “stomped” on them. When he left the apartment, he heard “bubbling and gurgling” but did not call the police.

According to the coroner, Smith died of a blunt violent trauma to the head. Prosecutors said Wednesday that Smith was missing multiple teeth, suffered multiple fractures, and every bone on his face was broken.




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