Subsequent-Stage Wellness within the Mountains, within the Desert, and throughout the Seas


In collaboration with our friends from Celebrity Cruises

“Wellness” can be a loaded word. For us it is a holistic mind-body-soul experience, the ability to log out of the zoom matrix and tap into the self. Now the tools to do the tapping are purely individual. For some, it’s a week on horseback in the wild. For others, it is the spiritual centering that only a barren desert landscape can offer. And for many (if not most) it is about access to a body of water. A salty spray, the lapping of the waves, the light that shines over the sea and into your cabin as you gaze out at the uninterrupted horizon … shall we go on?

Here are three first-class experiences: ranching on Rock Creek in Montana, stargazing in Sedona and programs and offers (curated by Goops) on board Celebrity Beyond.

People sunbathe on a cruise ship

Well-being on the water

A real vacation in which every detail is in strange hands is hard to beat. Add a deep sense of ahhhhhh that only the ocean can bring – far from the city with its myriad of demands and distractions – and join us. Celebrity Beyond is the newest ship in the Edge series and the holistic wellness program on board is really on the next level. Plus, GP is Celebrity’s new wellness advisor who adds a lot of sticky details and experiences. (Tip: Expect Goop-approved products in the AquaClass fitness menu, our favorite clean smoothie, and some surprises along the way.)

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  • Interior fittings of cruise ships

    Wellness is part of everyday life on the ship and begins in the AquaClass cabins by Kelly Hoppen, CBE. There’s a pillow menu (a pillow menu, folks!) To encourage good posture, and there are yoga mats in the room: we recommend slipping out of the fluffy bed at dawn, rolling the mat out on the porch, and greeting the sunrise. In addition to clean, plant-based food at Blu, you’ll have access to the SEA Thermal Suite (the salt room is behind it) and a well-equipped fitness center with a full list of classes like F45, Peloton, and Yoga. But it’s the Women in Wellness program that we’re most excited about. Why? We can’t wait to wait for the golden nuggets of practical feel-good wisdom, exclusive classes, and treatments from wellness wonders like Ruth Zukerman, co-founder of SoulCycle and Flywheel Sports; holistic wellness expert Kimberly Snyder; and our own wellness director, Kiki Koroshetz. A cruise vacation is a happy marriage of exploration and time to be – with the ocean as the soundtrack.

    Interior fittings of cruise ships
    Interior fittings of cruise ships

    Prairie with fence

    Photos courtesy of the Ranch at Rock Creek

    Rewild in Big Sky Country

    Montana: Wide open spaces, the intoxicating Americana and so much riding attract you directly. Think of the Rock Creek Ranch as your base camp to relax and recharge. Simply put, there is no discomfort here. Accommodation includes huge canvas huts, cozy farm wagons and double-decker log cabins – all furnished with local textiles, bellied stoves and lots of charm. The staff will pamper you with a whiskey sour, truffled popcorn and the softest blanket of your life for a demonstration of A River Runs through It. In this sense, the picnics on the riverside are legendary. But we’re here to ride.

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  • Cabin interior
    Cabin interior

    Private guides and real Wranglers keep your gallop in check as you traverse the wild sagebrush hills and pine tree trails. (Scott Dunn creates a bespoke itinerary if you feel like clearing more ground.) The ride is exhilarating and absurdly liberating. Thundering hooves, the touch of that mugwort, and wild beauty all grab property in your head, leaving no room for to-do lists, unread emails, etc. Rock Creek also has a fantastic spa program for massages and facials, a certified Herbalist making personalized tinctures, yoga nidra meditation for better sleep, and forest bathing for whatever is better.

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    Spa interior

    View of Sedona Arizona

    Photos courtesy of L’Auberge de Sedona

    Refuel in the desert

    Spiritual and incredibly beautiful with a side of woo-woo is quite a fitting description for Sedona. The otherworldly landscape, the mystical energy that pumps through the red desert dust: it is tangible. Better still, Sedona is abundant with incredible healers and practitioners. And you should take full advantage of that – after all, the vortex of energy is on your side.

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  • Speaking of healers, two stand out. Adele Sands has a small horse ranch next to town where she does sound baths and Reiki. And Anne Emerson is an intuitive and a muscle tester. (Emerson also works remotely, which makes them a great choice if you have old programs to unpack long after you return home.) Where to stay? L’Auberge de Sedona feels perfectly built for the current, spacious, open space loving moment. Occupying both a cliff and a shaded creek bed on eleven acres, the accommodations are mostly cozy cottages with fireplaces, outdoor showers, and serious views. But aside from breezy houses in the distance and excellent food (don’t miss the 89Agave Cantina), it’s the spa, with its astronomer-led stargazing, sound baths, yoga, and staff to point out the area’s strongest eddies and hikes, where we check in (and check out) every time.

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