Ciara Celebrates 39 Kilos Weight Loss Purpose Much less Than A Yr After Giving Delivery – ‘So Proud!’


Less than a year after welcoming her son Win, Ciara managed to shed all the pregnancy pounds! The singer announced that she had reached her goal weight after losing no less than 39 pounds in less than a year!

Of course it wasn’t that easy and she made that very clear, but the artist was very determined and committed to it, which is why she is very proud of herself.

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“It required a lot of concentration, a lot of dedication and commitment,” Ciara told her followers about the challenging process.

Ciara shared all about it on her IG account and revealed that she used the WW program, formerly known as Weight Watchers, during her weight loss journey.

Alongside a picture showing her well-toned figure, Ciara wrote, “Goodbye to the last 10 pounds I’ve been working on in the past five weeks. Hello to me in front of the baby weight! I’m so proud of myself – lost 39 pounds on my @ww trip! The @ ww app made the process really easy and fun! Thank you everyone for your support, we did it! ‘

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She also took this opportunity to inspire her followers, writing, “If you believe in yourself and set goals, anything is possible! Do it! Get it! ‘

After achieving this goal, the artist said that she felt even more motivated to “maintain this strong body that gave me 3 beautiful babies without having to restrict myself”.

And that’s not all, because she also raved about the impressive weight loss in her IG Stories.

“It took a lot of concentration, a lot of dedication and commitment. That was fun. I have to say this was a different time for me after having 3 babies, working, traveling and all, but I’m so proud to say I made it through. It feels so good! ‘

It’s no surprise that Ciara is celebrating success with her followers on social media!

After all, she kept her updated throughout the process so it makes sense that she would also show off and talk about the final results!




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