KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Will get Restraining Order Towards Stranger Who Despatched Her An Engagement Ring Amid Kanye West Divorce!


According to some new court documents first issued by E! News, Kim Kardashian claims that an unknown man has turned up on her property several times and he even sent her an engagement ring! This comes in the midst of her divorce from Kanye West and it sounds like she’s got a stalker herself!

However, according to reports, she has already been given an injunction against him, so everything should be fine at this point.

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In the court records, Kim says the man started tracking her in February and somehow broke into the condominium where she lives with her four children.

When a security guard confronted the man and asked why he was there, the stalker said, “I’m here to see Kim, she is the love of my life.”

At that point, the person was “cited for trespassing and taken to a medical center for psychological evaluation.”

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But three months after that first incident, he tried again to enter the condominium and said he would pick Kim up for dinner.

Of course, he was immediately turned away because he was blacklisted.

Most recently, he reportedly sent Kim a package that contained an engagement ring and a Plan B pill!

This time the package was sent under an alias.

Kim mentions in the court documents that even his social media accounts are of concern as they suggest he is delusional about meeting Kim.

“Through these contributions [the man] falsely claims he is related to me and claims to be married to me. There is no basis for these delusions. I have no relationship with [the man] and never met or communicated with him. ‘

She adds that she is worried for her safety after a security company she hired investigated the stalker and found he had a criminal record.




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