Nicolas Cage on the “Magic” of Working with an Precise Pig


Cage and Alex Wolff describe what it was like to work with their co-star, Brandy the Pig.


By Mary Beth McAndrews Published on July 25, 2021

Entering the Discourse is a three times a week column that tells us who’s saying what about new releases and upcoming projects. Today we share some quotes from Nicolas Cage and Alex Wolff about the titular animal in Pig.

In Nicolas Cagethe latest movie, pig, he plays a former chef named Rob, who leads an isolated life in the forest with his truffle-sniffing pig. When the pig is stolen, Rob embarks on a journey to find his companion. But this is not a revenge story; Rather, this is the story of a lonely man who slowly reappears in society.

Cage and Alex Wolff were both praised for their powerful performances in the film. But there is an unsung hero. The title pig, played by Brandy, worked on the film for Carrots and always knew when to glimpse her Oscar-winning co-star.

Nicolas Cage on Brandy the Pig

When asked what it was like to work with Brandy the Pig, Nicolas Cage told GQ:

“Like many of us, she was very payment-oriented. She was really interested in food and, understandably, only in food. She wasn’t that interested in people and I understand that. But if they need a very soulful look in their eyes, you can show them some carrot off-camera. She seemed to like that. Brandy was her name.

When describing her soulful gaze, Cage saw her not just as an animal, but as a player. He made a connection with the pig that the director of the film, Michael Sarnoski, and cameraman, Patrick Scola, were able to capture with the camera. As Cage IndieWire said:

Michael and the way they photographed what information they wanted to bring into the frame added weight to the relationship between Rob and Brandy. It never fell into lard or a stupid Hallmark card. Michael was attentive to the relationship and took the audience out into the wild with the two in a gentle and neutral way, which makes them more meaningful. It wasn’t about making you feel anything. It was more factual.

Cage went on to state that he loves working with animals. “Magical things happen when you have a scene with a dog or a cat,” he said. “Any animal, actually.”

Alex Wolff on Nicolas the man

Nicolas Cage wasn’t the only one to shower brandy the pig with praise. In interviews, Alex Woolf described the animal as a “diva”. And in addition to the pig, Wolff also described acting with Cage and their relationship on screen. As he said to Slant:

“He accidentally raised everyone around him. But his craft is so indescribable. That is why we do it, although neither of us can hold it intellectually, which is what makes acting together so special. What we had was just a connection that was really about the two of us dancing together. It was jazz. “

A cinematic haiku

Pig was first seen as “John Wick with a Pig”. But Nicolas Cage told IndieWire that this film is “a haiku of cinema, calm, an in-depth character analysis that relies heavily on the setting and photography and the silence of all the performances and writing. It is not a story of revenge. ”

Pig allowed Cage to discover a new side of himself and had him create a layered and complex character with a special bond with his pig mate.

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