AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes launches visible podcast


Podcasts are an easy way to ingest information on the go, and many have turned to this medium for content creation or consumption. They are used to share knowledge and experience, hold discussion rounds, and much more.

Now even the CEO of the AirAsia Group, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, wants to take action to expand his social media presence beyond Instagram and TikTok. He announced today that he will be launching his own visual podcast, Talks With Tony.

It will be a place where he can share his thoughts and views on various topics through conversations with friends, colleagues, partners, etc. Guests mentioned include Black Eyed Peas member, UFC President Dana White, and producer and composer David Foster.

“I would like to give the audience the opportunity to learn a little from me and to get in touch with my dear friends and discuss not only the successes but also the failures, even the problems that everyone is currently dealing with Going through COVID-19. ”

“It’s going to be with business people, my friends in the sports industry, and of course music because it’s been a big part of my life, as well as other celebrities and entrepreneurs,” Tony said.

The 8-part series can be accessed via the Syok app from August 1st. Tony’s podcast website starting August 2nd and other sites like Spotify, Google, and Apple Podcasts starting August 8th.

Get to know Tony better

Not much is known about what the first episode of Talks With Tony will be other than in person, but one new incident that got people’s minds was the Town Hall virtual meeting.

At the meeting with around 500 participants, the CEO of Thai AirAsia, Tassapon Bijleveld, allegedly insulted an employee with a forceful expression and told her to “shut up”. It’s still unclear what the real reason for this interaction was, and much of what people saw was just a brief viral clip of the meeting.

What did to people, however, was more than just this exchange. Many pointed out that the other seniors present, including Tony, did not stand up for the employee or immediately spoke out against Bijleveld in the clip.

After much attention on social media, AirAsia and Bijleveld apologized, but the damage is done. Tony himself has so far made it clear that the incident isn’t the kind of culture they want in AirAsia and that it wasn’t sexist, saying that Bijleveld would have said the same thing to a male employee.

Either way, internet users are not going to forget this incident anytime soon, and Talks With Tony would provide an ideal platform for the entrepreneur to really discuss brand reputation, strong and respectful management, and so on.

However, Tony has said that he intends to focus the podcast more on himself and his guests, rather than AirAsia as a company or business.

Start small and easy

Talks With Tony is not monetized at the moment and all 8 episodes of the first series are free to view. Regarding product placement, Tony said he hadn’t given it up yet.

However, if the podcast gains enough momentum, it could be monetized so that the proceeds can go to selected beneficiaries. At some point, we might even see Tony’s potential to do a TV show since he’s shown his interest in it.

One thing is certain: Tony Fernandes is an open person who is not afraid to share strong opinions, regardless of whether people agree with him.

Hence, we expect Talks With Tony to give us an unfiltered look into his thoughts and stimulate discussions about the Malaysian entrepreneurship scene, corporate culture, digital businesses and more.

Love or hate him, he is still an influential figure who made AirAsia the giant, global company it is today, and when he speaks, people will listen.

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