Kandi Burruss Praises Her Pals And Followers Love Her Help


Kandi Burruss praises her friends and fans love her support and dedication. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

“I don’t know about your friends, but mine always shows up for me! Beautiful & bossy! 📸 @morrisde ‘kandi added a subtitle to her post.

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Someone said, “Kandi, you are such an inspiration. Idk what you do but I wish you all the best sister! You deserve everything that comes ♥ ️🥲 ‘

Another follower posted this: “I swear you’re just the most beautiful in the world! Bow down to your feet Queen Kandi ‘and one commenter said,’ @kandi can you make a Kandi Koated board game or card game? I need one for ladies night. ‘

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One hater dropped this message: “We went to the old lady’s gang today and they were told they had no butter. The french toast was burnt and they told me to just try. Then my son’s burger was burnt and he began to choke. The floors were gross and the bathroom was filthy. Then a tip is automatically added. That should be said before sitting. I would have given the waitress more because I felt sorry for her. We waited 3 hours for the food. There was no air conditioning and they had cables on the floor and someone almost tripped over. It’s so sad. ‘

Kandi Burruss reveals to her fans and followers what she is doing to lose weight. Check out her post here.

“A lot of people have asked me what I am doing to lose weight. This is my third day doing #TheRevengeCleanse and I’ve already lost 7 pounds. This is my second time doing the cleaning and I can definitely say it works! Click on the link in my IG biography if you want to try it out, ”Kandi captioned her post.




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