Character design macaron pastry supply in KL


For Alicia, macarons are not just round meringue-based pastries with cream in the middle. Yours come with character faces, imitation fast food, floral prints, and more.

Of course, she wasn’t involved in making the character-based macarons from the start. She started making the classic round shapes, a hobby she learned after stumbling across a tutorial video during her senior semester at university.

With a culinary diploma, Alicia thought it would be easy enough to recreate the sweet confectionery. It turned out to be a challenge, however, but one that she was ready to accept and even master, which is why she eventually began to make it more complex.

Her first design consisted of plum blossom patterns, inspired by the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year in her East Malaysian hometown. When her friends saw her work, they suggested she sell her macarons, which prompted her to start her business, Bakaron by Alicia.

Entrepreneurship wasn’t the original plan

Before and after the bowls are baked / Photo credit: Bakaron by Alicia

Alicia grew up with a businessman’s parents and experienced the resilience and patience required to run a business. she didn’t want to do the same. But as soon as her macarons found buyers, she knew she had to pursue this endeavor.

“When I told my mom I wanted to start my own macaron business, she was so concerned and against that I would go into it,” recalls Alicia. “But believing in myself, I decided to take on the challenge and thought it would be a really great achievement for me. I’ve kept practicing and developing new flavors and designs, and that’s what keeps me going. “

As an F&B entrepreneur who runs her business with only one assistant, Alicia pointed out that one of the toughest things to do in running Bakaron by Alicia is working long hours. 10 to 12 hour days are normal for them to meet customer requirements and prepare the pastries.

Give character to the pastry

Due to the process of making character-based macarons, customers should pre-order at least 3 days in advance. This gives Alicia time to review, conceptualize and interpret her commissions in her own art style.

She spent 3 hours in the morning piping and baking the base of the macarons and another 3-4 hours in the afternoon drawing the designs on it.

If any shells crack in the oven, the entire process from preparing the ingredients to spraying, baking and decorating must be repeated. “I usually bake around 130 clams, but I try not to make up to 160 clams in a day to make sure I have enough time to take my orders,” she said.

Bakaron by Alicia is sold in boxes of 6 and 12 pieces and also offers a “Maccake” which consists of 20 macarons that are bundled with a ribbon so that it looks like a full size cake.

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