Queen Naija Claps Again After Followers Recommend She Reveals Favoritism To Her Youthful Son Over The Means She Clothes Him


Queen Naija is tired of people questioning their parental skills on the internet only because of what they can see.

While Queen, like many other celebrities, sure has to allow a lot of comments and criticism, she seemed compelled to respond to some fans who suggested that she attract her two sons based on how she dresses them.

Queen is mother of six-year-old Chris Jr., whom she shares with ex-husband Chris Sails, and two-year-old legend Lorenzo, whom she shares with boyfriend Clarence White.

Both children live with Queen Naija and Clarence in Atlanta.

Queen shared a few photos of the boys on their first day of school on Monday in new clothes.

My babies are ready for their first day❤️🥺 pic.twitter.com/RQpIxWHwEL

– I BLAME QUEEN NAIJA (@queennaija) August 2, 2021

In what should probably be a moment to celebrate a milestone in parenting, Queen had to quickly switch to her mummy-bear mode after some fans used the pictures she shared as alleged examples of special treatment for her youngest son .

“See, but why did she show her preference?” Tweeted one person.

Since it was deleted 😑 pic.twitter.com/BNHAMyW1gG

– I BLAME QUEEN NAIJA (@queennaija) August 2, 2021

Another fan tweeted, “Why is one kid wearing $ 65 shoes and the other wearing $ 600 shoes?” Seems like favoritism. “

At that point, Queen decided to address some of the criticisms.

“Because (her) shoes matched her outfits, you have to stop,” she replied to the fan.

Queen let another fan know that she’s got her two kids’ Old Navy outfits.

Of course, many parents defended Queen because they felt the criticism was inappropriate.

“Both boys are well taken care of and happy … Queen is a great mom, you will achieve,” said one roommate.

“You all have to stop having opinions about people and their children … children are taboo,” said another roommate.

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