David Adefeso Shares A Throwback Picture That Impresses Followers


David Adefeso shared a photo on his social media account that impressed his fans. Check out the photo below.

Someone said, ‘I think you look hotter now … you look really great here and a bit thin but more masculine now 🔥🔥🔥’ and another follower posted this: ‘Oh David, you’re only getting better with time become ‘

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One follower said: ‘David …… we have to talk about sunshine, it’s getting out of control 😂’ and another commenter wrote: ‘It can’t just be 8 years ago. Maybe 30 years ago, but NOT 8. ‘

One fan said: ‘You look so different, it’s not work but different. I see Jollie show that excited smile you give a nice photo ‘and another follower posted this:’ Why this looks like a thin picture from @willsmith I thought so? he was first. ‘

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One fan said, ‘Looks good and sexy in this 8-pack’.

David Adefeso continues to provide financial advice to its fans on social media. Check out the post he shared on IG below.

“As a financial advisor to the 1% and Wall Street investment banker for some of the largest companies in the world, I have been on the front lines of nearly half a dozen stock market booms and breakouts,” he began.

He went on to say, “This includes the pandemic-induced stock market crash in February 2020, the real estate-induced” Great Recession “of 2008/2009, the Internet stock bubble crater of 2000/2001 and the junk bond fueled crash of the early 1990s. ‘

David also wrote, “Each period requires two variables to be present: the first is a new financial innovation – think junk bonds of the late 80s, zero-income internet stock markets of the late 90s, and secured bonds and liars loans of the early 2000s – which have now all been replaced by #cryptos, #SPACS and #reddit-driven hype. ‘

Fans love it when he posts financial advice and they made sure to thank them in the comments section.




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