In Overview, High F.D.A. Scientists Query Imminent Want for Booster Photographs


Federal health officials said one reason for announcing the booster plan was to be one step ahead of the virus and be ready when vaccines may not protect as well against severe cases of Covid-19. These officials, including Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Mr. Biden’s senior medical advisor, have relied heavily on data presented to them by Israeli officials who defended that country’s early, aggressive booster campaign.

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Your data, according to Dr. Fauci and other administrative officials, show a marked decrease in immunity to infection with improved protection from booster doses, but show only hints of decreased immunity to hospitalization in people under 65 years of age.


9/13/2021, 6:51 p.m. ET

But in the new review, Dr. Krause, Dr. Gruber and other vaccine experts said it would take more time and public discussion and better studies to determine if boosters were needed for the general population. They also said the benefit vaccinations could offer would not outweigh the benefits of using them to protect the billions of people who remain unvaccinated around the world.

The World Health Organization has asked wealthy countries to wait until at least the end of the year before giving additional vaccinations to healthy patients so that each country can vaccinate at least 40 percent of its population. Any unvaccinated person gives the virus an opportunity to transform into new, potentially dangerous variants, scientists warned.

However, the review’s authors said additional syringes might be useful for some people with weak immune systems – a move the FDA has already approved.

“As more information becomes available, this could initially provide evidence that replenishment is needed in some sub-populations,” they wrote. “However, these highly committed decisions should be based on peer-reviewed and publicly available data and a solid international scientific discussion.”

They largely opposed the Israeli data and other studies that some health officials said would be in favor of impending additional shots. They said some Israeli evidence was only collected about a week after the third dose and could not hold over time, and that “very short-term protection might not necessarily translate into worthwhile long-term benefit.”




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