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Anime and manga are media that have brought people from all over the world, including Malaysians, together. And just because anime is typically made in Japan doesn’t mean it just has to convey Japanese culture at all times.

This local animator saw the flexibility of the medium and decided why not do a Malaysian anime? “We believe that anime is a great medium to connect with an international audience because anime has such a large following all over the world,” said CK, the director and project manager of Project Dreamcatcher !! explained.

So he and his team at Yore Productions have developed an anime series based in Penang with 7 local characters.

Meet the Team / Photo Credit: Project Dreamcatcher !!

Penang, anime style

When asked why they chose Penang out of all the other places in Malaysia as the base for their characters, CK stated that they think Penang is very well known internationally in terms of culture, heritage, food, scenic coastline, etc. It’s a good one Stepping stone to starting your anime project.

Without giving much away, the plot revolves around the schoolgirls trying to draw attention to the topic of the demolition of their entire neighborhood for a new urban development. If allowed, many old family businesses and cultural sites would be destroyed.

As a result, the group decides to raise awareness on social media and embark on an idol journey of rivalry, hidden intentions, conflict, and more.

The Malaysians who represent the iconic “apron” uniform have a love-hate relationship with / Photo credit: Project Dreamcatcher !!

“Although the story is fictional, we tried to incorporate local experiences and culture as much as possible, such as eating durian and drinking teh tarik,” said JY, deputy director of Project Dreamcatcher !!. Although of an ambiguous race (as is the case with most anime characters), the characters wear the Malaysian tank uniform and have Chinese names.

Oddly enough, we then asked why the anime appears to be using Japanese voice actors (VAs) rather than hiring local ones. CK stated that he believes their characters would be more marketable internationally in the anime scene if dubbed in Japanese.

In his opinion, it has also been difficult to find local talent who have experience scoring anime characters while being fluent in speaking and singing Japanese. However, they plan to dub their characters in English and Mandarin later.

  • Some of the locations in the anime / Photo credit: Project Dreamcatcher !!
  • Some of the locations in the anime / Photo credit: Project Dreamcatcher !!

Mixing 3D and 2D

The entire animation team behind Project Dreamcatcher !! come from a background in 3D. This presented challenges when trying to create a project in a hand-drawn 2D style.

“We need to find creative ways to approach this project by taking advantage of 3D animation combined with 2D hand-drawn background to try to simulate the traditional 2D hand-drawn anime style,” said CK.

For JY, shadows and the flat shape were one of his greatest difficulties, because in 2D the shape is flat while shadows are drawn creatively and without gradients. As a 3D artist, he was now familiar with software that was developed to follow realistic lighting behavior – wherever the light source is, the shadow is.

To overcome these challenges, the team did a lot of anime studies and manual rework through both 3D software and post-processing. WFH created some misunderstandings and issues with transferring files online, but for the most part, daily and weekly updates helped them overcome them.

From 3D to 2D / Photo credit: Project Dreamcatcher !!

A realistic starting strategy

“Project dream catcher !! is about culture and monument preservation, so we hope that by using this medium we can create fun and interesting ways to draw people’s attention to topics as difficult as this, ”explained CK.

They hope to target the Malaysian market first with the anime, then expand into the Southeast Asian region and into Japan and the United States. Later they hope for worldwide recognition.

The capital for the project was booted because it is a passion project of the small indie studio. The team has not yet raised enough money to create the full-blown anime series, so they are still in the market test phase.

For their pre-marketing strategies, they are working on two projects at the same time: a music video and a motion comic. The latter will serve as a prelude for your audience to get to know Project Dreamcatcher !! World better before the music video.

“In the short term, we want to upload more content to YouTube and monetize it from there. We are also planning to start an online merchandise shop and a crowdfunding campaign in the future, ”CK told the Vulcan Post.

In the meantime, they are also working to build a strong community of supporters in hopes of eventually winning clients or working with agencies or the government. “We target anime lovers, that is, people like artists, cosplayers, anime idol lovers, VTubers (virtual YouTubers) and anime song singers.”

Go new ways

A quick Google search, despite all the offers from our quite diverse animation industry, does not bring up any past Malaysian anime projects that have explicitly branded themselves as such.

Although Malaysia and its elements have been mentioned in foreign animes, we do not yet have a fully Malaysia-based location with well-known sights and experiences.

Fans of idol anime will be instantly drawn to the cute, sparkly style / Image Credit: Project Dreamcatcher !!

So you could say that Yore Productions is breaking new ground as there is no data to give them realistic target predictions. However, your current market tests should give them a better idea of ​​the expected adoption.

Given the rising popularity of idol-centered anime, games, and careers (e.g.

There’s currently no official start date for the anime, but the team is actively keeping fans and followers up to date on what’s going on via social media, so we keep our fingers crossed that we can see something more substantial soon.

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Featured Image Source: Yore Productions, Studio for Project Dreamcatcher !!




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