How nicely do these on-line grocery platforms in S’pore ‘ship’?


When Covid-19 first devoured Singapore, some rushed to the supermarkets to store groceries and essentials while others hit the keyboards.

As orders increased, online grocers started opening more slots and increasing their workforce. Companies in other industries such as transport and logistics also took advantage of this demand and made advances in the food delivery sector.

The Malaysian airline AirAsia is one such example. The pandemic was tumultuous for the company’s travel business as vacation travel screeched to a halt.

That is why the company is pushing its digital transformation from a low-cost airline to a lifestyle platform that offers an online marketplace. The food delivery company airasia fresh is just one of the many new companies that underpin its super app ambitions.

It first debuted in the Malaysian home market before launching in Singapore in July of this year. This is part of the ongoing expansion in Singapore after the successful launch of its food delivery platform, airasia food, in March.

However, with so many competitors here, getting a sizable slice of the online grocery delivery cake wouldn’t be easy. How does airasia fresh fare against the most important players in this area?

A look at the range of airasia fresh

Screenshot of the airasia fresh website

airasia fresh promises a good price-performance ratio, convenience and punctual delivery. It works with local and organic farmers, frozen seafood and meat traders, and small businesses to provide customers with the best products.

The online grocery market offers five different categories: fresh produce, meat and seafood, frozen food, dairy and eggs, and pantry.

airasia fresh also offers Fresh Grocery Packs, which give you the flexibility to choose fresh foods such as vegetables, seafood, meat and fruit of your choice at a fixed price. These will be delivered at a time slot of your choice at no additional cost.

You can choose the type and size you want for the various Fresh Packs. You can curate your products from the different categories in each pack and choose to select multiple items of an item or multiple items until the category limit is reached.

airasia fresh works with Teleport, the logistics branch of airasia, to deliver the food.

Teleport also supplies Airasia food in Singapore and has over 1,350 registered drivers and drivers as of April 2021. Teleport will continue to hire more people to add to the team as AirAsia seeks to better serve the growing delivery needs in Singapore.

“The airasia Super App now offers consumers in Singapore a new, exciting alternative to order their groceries at a better price, while at the same time helping retailers – especially small businesses – to digitize their business processes and diversify their sources of income,” said Lim Ben Jie, head of e-commerce for the Airasia super app, in a press release.

“We strive to provide the highest standard of customer service, including same day delivery for all orders placed before noon, and we make sure our customers receive only the best quality products all year round. We look forward to serving everyone in Singapore as we continue to grow in this market. “

1. RedMart

Singapore Grocery Shopping Sites Online: RedMartImage source: RedMart

  • The range of products has been temporarily reduced to prioritize daily needs such as rice, flour and eggs.
  • Deliveries island-wide every day.
  • Delivery times from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Delivery slots are currently assigned based on availability for your location.
  • Free delivery on orders over S $ 40 for LiveUp members, S $ 60 and more for non-LiveUp members. Otherwise, a delivery fee of S $ 3.99 or S $ 5.99 for savings or planned deliveries will apply.

2. Amazon Fresh

Websites for buying groceries online in Singapore: AmazonPhoto credit: Internet Retail

  • In order to shop at Amazon Fresh, you must first be an Amazon Prime member.
  • Amazon Prime members can enjoy streamable films and TV shows for S $ 2.99 / month.
  • Free same day delivery within two hours for orders over S $ 60. Otherwise a fee of S $ 5.99 applies.

3. NTUC fair price

Singapore grocery shopping sites online: FairPriceScreenshot from the FairPrice website

  • Deliveries island-wide every day.
  • Offers a “Click & Collect” option so that you can collect your order at the nearest point of sale
  • Offers same day delivery. The delivery times range from two hours to seven working days from checkout (depending on availability).
  • Free delivery from an order value of 59 €. S $ 3 delivery fee for orders between S $ 59 and S $ 79 and S $ 5 delivery under S $ 59.
  • When you join their FairPrice Digital Club for S $ 9.99 per month, you can take advantage of waived service fees on orders over S $ 100, as well as many other membership benefits.

4. Cold store

Websites for buying groceries online in Singapore: Cold StorageImage source: Heartland Mall

  • Deliveries island-wide every day.
  • Offers next day delivery between 9am and 9pm. However, delivery slots are currently allocated based on availability for your location.
  • Free shipping for orders over S $ 59 or S $ 7 delivery fee for orders under $ 59.

5th giant

Websites for buying groceries online in Singapore: GiantPhoto credit: The Best of Singapore

  • Deliveries island-wide every day.
  • Offers next day delivery between 9am and 9pm. However, delivery slots are currently allocated based on availability for your location.
  • Free shipping on orders over S $ 59 or S $ 7 delivery fee on orders under S $ 59.

6. Sheng Siong

Singapore grocery shopping sites online: Sheng SiongImage source: Investingnote

  • Deliver to most areas in Singapore daily.
  • Offers same day delivery for orders placed before 4:00 PM. However, delivery slots are currently allocated based on availability for your location.
  • Free shipping for orders over S $ 100 or S $ 6 delivery fee for orders under S $ 100.

7. GrabMart / GrabSupermarket

Singapore grocery shopping sites online: GrabMartScreenshots from the Grab app

  • Stores like FairPrice Xpress and Cheers are available on GrabMart, depending on what’s near you. Note that these are convenience stores that may not stock products such as rice, meat, and vegetables.
  • Minimum order depends on the retailer.
  • Service fees apply and include a delivery fee of between S $ 3 and S $ 5 based on dynamic pricing and a platform fee.
  • GrabSupermarket, on the other hand, is part of a strategic expansion of GrabMart in partnership with HAO Mart.
  • GrabSupermarket offers over 10,000 products with next day delivery (for orders placed before 6 p.m.).
  • Free delivery on orders over S $ 50. There is a flat shipping fee of S $ 4.99 per order with a minimum basket value of S $ 20.

8. pandamart and pandanow

Eating pandaImage source: foodpanda

  • Offers on-demand delivery in an average delivery time of 25 minutes.
  • Convenience stores like Cheers, FairPrice Xpress and Hao Mart are available on pandamart.
  • Free delivery and no minimum order value.
  • Pandanow offers 24-hour on-demand delivery in 20 minutes or less, with a ready-to-use supply of groceries that can be shipped immediately.
  • The minimum order quantity depends on the retailer.
  • If you sign up as a pandapro subscriber for S $ 7.99 a month, you will receive free deliveries on orders of S $ 15 or more.

9. Delivery

Image credit: Deliveroo

  • Deliveroo is the only app that delivers from major supermarkets such as Giant and Cold Storage
  • It also delivers from several other small grocery stores such as Marks & Spencer and Kuriya Japanese Market
  • Delivery charges range from S $ 5 to S $ 10
  • The delivery time is around 25 to 60 minutes for most places

10. Shopee supermarket

shopee supermarket Photo credit: Shopee via YouTube

  • Shopee launched its grocery division in April 2021
  • It has over 36,000 product offerings ranging from curry paste to beer
  • Free shipping on orders over S $ 40. Otherwise a delivery fee of S $ 3.99 applies.
  • Can use ShopeePay as a payment method and earn Shopee Coins

Will airasia fresh conquer the online grocery market?

The list above is clearly not exhaustive and there are many more players in this market. It is clear that this area is very competitive and as a relatively new player, airasia fresh has to do more to differentiate itself.

It doesn’t win in terms of price or speed, and the BIG Points feature just isn’t enough of an incentive to get users to jump on board.

If users are reward-oriented, they would likely turn to Grab for their GrabReward points instead. Grab has established itself as the leading super app in Southeast Asia and many use Grab in their everyday life – from ordering food to booking a ride.

While BIG Points can be used to redeem travel (AirAsia activities, RocketMiles, Kaligo, Tune Hotel) or lifestyle products (AirAsia Deals, AirAsia Food, AirAsia Grocer, etc.), many Singaporeans don’t use AirAsia enough to really get from This ecosystem offers to benefit.

Another important factor to long-lasting in this area is to step up your marketing efforts. It’s been bleak so far (many colleagues didn’t even know airasia fresh started in Singapore) considering it has a huge financial war chest to rely on.

The company plans to raise up to a billion ringgit ($ 238.7 million) through a rights issue to meet its working capital needs as its digital businesses grow.

The low cost airline digital arm is also reportedly considering listing in the US through a special purpose vehicle, or SPAC, to raise at least $ 300 million.

Featured image source: airasia fresh / foodpanda / FairPrice / RedMart

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