WFH would be the default from Sept 27


The Department of Health (MOH) announced today (Sept. 24) that working from home will be the default setting for all employees who are able to. This comes into force from September 27th to October 24th.

Up to now, a maximum of 50 percent of employees who can work from home were allowed to be at work at any time.

MOH said there should continue to be no cross-posting of workers to multiple workplaces. Social gatherings at work are also prohibited.

“Employers should continue to implement flexible working hours and stagger the start times of employees who have to return to work,” it said.

The department noted that employees, contractors and suppliers unable to work from home are “strongly encouraged” to test themselves weekly with a rapid antigen test (ART) to deter infected employees from going to work go and protect their workplace.

MOH also noted that differentiated safe management measures, the wearing of masks, and proper distancing through vaccination remain “essential” to ensure that major events can run safely for attendees.

The event size remains at up to 1,000 fully vaccinated participants

Event sizes and capacity limits for church and other church services, cinemas, MICE, live performances, spectator sports events remain with up to 1,000 participants with a full vaccination.

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Otherwise, only up to 50 participants without pre-event testing (PET) will be admitted.

“The discount for children under 12 who cannot yet be vaccinated applies to these events as well. Such unvaccinated children can be placed in a group of up to two people if the child comes from the same household, ”MOH said.

The ministry noted that there will be no change to measures related to marriages, which may continue with seating in groups of up to two people once everyone is fully vaccinated.

Celebrations at home with up to 10 participants are still allowed. Otherwise, only up to 50 participants will be admitted without PET.

“We recognize that newlyweds have faced significant uncertainty over the past few months. As a special concession, wedding receptions with up to 250 participants can therefore continue if everyone is fully vaccinated and with a group size of up to 5 people per table, ”added MOH.

“All wedding guests must strictly adhere to safe management practices, especially maintaining social distancing and avoiding mingling with others outside their own table. Due to their higher susceptibility, we also strongly advise unvaccinated people and the elderly against participating in such events, as PET only reduces the risk for others, but not the risk for yourself. “

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