Wendy Williams’ Present Return Is Pushed Again


Williams fans are not getting the great news they expected. Her return to the show is being postponed due to her medical issues. See the details available.

The Shade Room notes that Wendy’s team reports that they are dealing with “ongoing medical problems,” which is causing the return of their show to be postponed. Just two days ago, Wendy Show’s Instagram account announced that she would be returning on October 4, noting that she had recovered from COVID-19. Unfortunately, she is currently still dealing with health problems. Keep Wendy in your thoughts and prayers. ‘

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A follower said, “Chile just hang up and take care of your mental health,” and more people appeared to be concerned about Wendy’s health and made sure to voice their concerns in the comment section.

Someone else posted this, “She really just needs to focus on her physical and mental health,” and another follower said, “It’s time to cancel the show. Just step back and live your life. ‘

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Another fan said: ‘Girls stop it, less than a week ago you were caught smoking a vape, what MEDICAL PROBLEMS ??’ and another fan said, ‘She should be fine if she takes more time.’

One commenter wrote this message: “I pray she is fine! She’s been through so much in the past year. ‘

Another said, “Look, the pandemic has seriously affected people’s mental and physical health. I send her healing energy and love. ‘

As you probably already know Wendy Williams was diagnosed with Covid. Check out her brother’s latest reports on her health.

‘Tommy Williams spoke about her condition and said she stabilized as he thanked everyone for their support and prayers. As previously reported, he was hospitalized last week for psychological reasons. It was previously announced that she had tested positive for COVID, delaying the premiere of her talk show. We continue to uphold them in prayer, ”notes The Shade Room.




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