New Hampshire Girl Accused Of Telling 9-Yr-Previous Black Boy At Playground She’d Kneel On His Neck


The New Hampshire attorney general said a civil rights complaint had been filed against a woman accused of telling a 9-year-old black boy who accidentally broke her son’s toy in a neighborhood playground that she ” kneel on his neck ”.

In the complaint, the woman – identified as Kristina Graper – also called the boy a racial slur during the incident, which occurred in May, according to the Associated Press.

Graper’s son pushed the boy, and that push resulted in the boy “breaking a foam rocket or foam ball” that belonged to her son, according to the complaint. Her son ran home to tell her what had happened.

Graper is then accused of returning to the park to find the other child and threatened that she would “kneel on his neck,” the ad said. A witness reportedly told Graper that their behavior was unnecessary and then Graper allegedly started yelling at this person.

She allegedly described the child as a racist insult before returning home, the complaint said.

Graper’s breed was not mentioned in the complaint.

The boy’s mother later called the police about the encounter. When she met them on June 1st, Graper denied that she was kneeling on the boy’s neck but instead said words that mean, “You wonder why you boys (expletive) are kneeling on your knees”, it says in the complaint.

The encounter reportedly put the child in distress as he understood the comments to be indicative of the murder of George Floyd, the complaint said. He started crying upon hearing Graper’s words and was afraid to return to the park and will only do so “if other children are there to protect him,” the ad said.

Calls and messages for grapers left by the Associated Press have not been returned. There was also no lawyer listed for her in the case file.

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