Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook


Dear Baseball
If you hate the bad hops on your field … can’t stand the poor footing
… and are just plain embarrassed when others see your playing fields…
…now you can have better play more often using the same field maintenance
tips and techniques the pros use.
It’s the surest way to turn even a mediocre sports field into a
championship field and enjoy a better baseball experience… in
just a few weeks, a few days, or even just minutes — and at virtually
no extra cost.
I believe sports programs can help our youth develop lifelong habits
for success. You don’t want their dream to slip away due to a poor
sports field.
So, I’ve put together a special package for you to master field
Get the new baseball field maintenance handbook and 7 new additional
I want to help men and women like you transform their sports fields
into a field of dreams where our youth reach their fullest potential
and you have no regrets.
For the past 11 years I have refined my baseball field maintenance
skills by spending time with MLB and AAA groundskeepers, with sports
turf managers, and with suppliers of field products for professional
sports. During that period I also renovated 49 baseball and softball
fields and had the privilege of consulting on hundreds of other
new construction and renovation projects.
The new field maintenance handbook along with its tips can save
you time and money while helping the youth in your sports programs
reach their fullest potential. You and your team and your organization
need this information. They are counting on you.
I call it a “How To” Guide to Transforming Your Baseball Field into
a Winning Field because if you use this baseball field maintenance

You don’t
need high priced equipment available only to major league sports
and golf courses.

You don’t
need a five or six figure budget to have a winning baseball
or softball field.

You don’t
need a crew of full time sports managers. You just need a few
people who know what is going on and what to do.

A quality
field lets your coaching and organization’s efforts stand out.
Now you don’t need to be embarrassed when teams visit your ‘yard.’

You can
use equipment and materials readily available at local home
improvement stores or local rental shops.

You can
quickly reach a point where you identify exactly what you need
to do and develop a specific plan to make the improvements.

In short, you
become comfortable with baseball field maintenance and sport field
management while staying well within your comfort zone and your
and after pictures of Valley Christian Academy High School field

a great piece of information! This handbook will be a great
resource for people in all levels of field maintenance.

it is professional groundskeepers or just the T-Ball coach,
this handbook will benefit them all. Thanks for putting such
a wealth of information together for such a small price.

Mercer, President, Mercer Group, Inc. Athletic Field Contractors,

Troy OH,

Master Baseball Field Maintenance In Less
Than 60 Days
Start Making Improvements Right Now – Guaranteed!

Now with
my new 95 page baseball field maintenance handbook, you can quickly
master the amazingly powerful techniques that took me eleven years
to develop and refine for use in Little League, High School, College,
and the professional level.
In its pages, you’ll discover:

Learn exactly how
one field manager uses an ordinary rental tool to instantly
remove lip buildup at the grass edge. Page 63.

Whether you like
it or not, this will affect your ability to enjoy every other
aspect of the game. Page 6.

Understand how and
when to use your drag and then how you can get the most out
of it. Page 43.

Discover how to build
a table top on your mound for your pitchers. They’ll thank you
for this. Page 47,

Pros do this to their
infield dirt at least once a week. Your field will benefit from
this too even it you only do it once. Page 66.

Learn how to tell
what your baseball mix is made of and how to improve the mixture.
Page 38.

The single most important
thing you can do to improve your ball field. Page 11.

Discover why you
need to use a plastic fan rake instead of a metal fan rake when
raking your grass edge. Page 43.

The secret to knowing
how long to wait before your sod is finally ready for you to
play on it. Page 86.

Five questions you
need to ask about your field before ordering more baseball dirt.
Page 77.

Learn the correct
sand or clay mix to use that will get you good bounces and firm
footing. Page 41.

Sunrise Little League premium quality
baseball field hosting the All Star Games

guide has enabled me to improve the fields that my son played
on at Tustin Eastern Little League and Troy High School over
the past 8 years.

advice has made it possible for me to make a very significant
difference in the lives and experiences of literally hundreds
of kids, including my son, and I can’t tell you how much your
hands-on wisdom has meant in everything I’ve tried to do to
help. My son is now off to play baseball at USF!

so very much, for your willingness to share what you know
with people like me so we can help our kids enjoy the experience
of baseball.

W. Cochrane, Proud parent of a college baseball player, Fullerton,

What never to do
– if you have any hope of giving your players good footing in
the batter box. Page 49.

Four questions you
should ask your players before you change your infield dirt
mix. Page 39.

Don’t use your tamp
this way … not unless you absolutely don’t want your players
to have good footing. Page 48.

The #1 mistake that
will absolutely force your pitcher to quit. Page 45.

Discover the secret
of how to level your turf subsurface for a perfectly smooth
infield. Page 30.

The most important
skill you’ll ever learn in sports field care. Page 95.

An overlooked technique
to use if you want to get your field to the next level. Page

Discover the biggest
mistake made when aerating and how you can avoid it. Page 21.

How to fix the gaps
if your sod pieces shrink and leave gaps. Page 87.

Discover the most
common mistakes made with your infield layout. Page 48.

I just
want to compliment you on your work. It’s full of all kinds
of great advice and resources that are hard to find anywhere.
As a head varsity baseball coach, I know that how my field
looks and plays is a large part of my program’s pride. Thank
you again.

Houghtelling, Varsity Head Baseball Coach, Ygnacio Valley
Baseball, Concord CA

Find out the secret
to getting the most out of what you put into baseball field
maintenance. Page 54.

Discover the one
thing that is the biggest obstacle to your field improvement
projects. Page 10.

Learn how to avoid
the biggest problem most people make when watering their grass.
Page 32.

Trying hard isn’t
good enough. Find out why you need to master this as well. Page

Why you should avoid
using decomposed granite if at all possible. Page 78.

Master this in the
fall and you won’t make the same mistake in the spring. Page

Master the technique
the pros use to give your turf a perfectly straight edge. Page

Learn the simple
change that easily could have prevented lip buildup at your
grass edge. Page 42.

Knowledge of this
potential problem will enable you to keep your steam roller
from freezing up and coming to complete stop in the middle of
rolling your infield dirt. Page 68.

PLUS a very important
baseball field maintenance technique to keep your base path
from developing a lip when you drag or remove standing water.
Page 51.

and after pictures of Harvey West Stadium field renovation

you are amazing. Thank you so much, your emails, your website,
and your book have been such an eye opener on how much I love
baseball! I appreciate what you have done for me as I am such
a beginner when it comes to field maintenance.

DeSanto, Head Baseball Coach, Landmark Christian School, Haines
City, Florida

Here’s a snapshot
of the table of contents so you can see the topics this book covers
and you can decide if this book is for you:

1 – Safety and
Playability Matter: You Decide How Much
2 – Transform Your Baseball or Softball Field into a Winning Field
3 – Develop a Sports Field Improvement Plan That’s Right for You
4 – Turf Maintenance Made Easy:
mowing, sprinklers, aerating, edging, top dressing, seeding, leveling,
fertilizing, irrigating, and spot seeding
5 – Baseball Dirt and Its Conditions:
analyzing and correcting your dirt mix, the warning track, mound,
home plate, base paths, and repairing lip buildup
6 – Use Proven Equipment:
aerators, mowers, sod cutters and edgers, spreaders, rollers, thatchers
(power rake), tractors, and assorted tools
7 – Use Quality Materials:
dirt mixes, fertilizer, sand, seed, sod, and topdressing
8 – The Most Important Skill You Will Ever Learn

newly updated handbook also includes
expert advice on these topics:

• Why you should
avoid mowing wet or frozen grass
• Why you should consider steel riser sprinkler versus plastic ones
• When to core aerate and when to use solid tine to aerate

• How to create
your own topdressing turf mix
• How to over seed so the new seed is in contact with the dirt to
• Moisture management is critical; how to tell if you got it right

• Dirt mixes
and how to get firm footing and true bounces
• When core aerating: how many holes per sq ft you need for it to
• Why you should check under your mower deck before you mow again

• The best way
to drag your field
• The science (specific % of clay, silt, sand) and the art of infield
• Why to fertilize more often at a lower rate

If you don’t buy this product right now,
you’ll be missing out on the best product you’ll ever
and if you buy right now, you’ll get it at the introductory
rate of practically nothing!

Bonus! When you buy this
awesome product, you’ll also recieve 7
more awesome bonus products,
including Sample Baseball Field Projects, How to Make and
Paint Field Logos, Game Day Preparation with the Seattle Mariners!

#1: Sample Baseball Field Projects
In this special report (31 pages) I show you how to get the most
out of what you put into your field renovation and upgrade projects
so you too can have a winning sports field.
So, before you just head off to the local big box home improvement
store and load up on supplies and rental equipment, it’s good to
have a plan.
Your best plan will be the result of doing a little homework to
identify and prioritize your improvement efforts. The field audit
or assessment checklist is the tool to use. The checklist covers
all aspects of your ball park including topics most folks don’t
even think about.
In this report I show you a real life example of using the audit
to identify action required. Then I show you how to put together
the list of tools and supplies needed and how to outline your actual
work day so you know exactly what you are going to be doing.
Then I finish out this special report with detailed sample projects
that are typical across all levels of play. You will more than likely
find samples that fit your needs. You can then use these as starters
and customize them specifically for you.
And lastly, these checklists and project plans are great tools for
communicating with your director, board, or volunteers. It can also
help with your budget planning and getting everyone on board with
common expectations.

#2: How to Make and Paint Field Logos
In this special report about Field Logos (106 action packed pages)
I show you why:
• you too can make stencils for painting logos and designs on your
baseball fields and why…
• these painting tips can help your baseball field look sharp while
saving you time and money!
This special report is filled with step by step pictures covering
the following ‘need to know’ information:
1. Preparation – designs, stencils, turf readiness, field location
and size
2. Applying spray paint: aerosol & nozzles
3. Applying roller paint: mixing and rolling
4. Turf care and mowing with a logo
5. Logos on dirt: paint and conditioner
6. Tips, hints, mistakes to avoid

#3: Game Day Preparation with the Seattle Mariners
In this special report (61 action packed pages) you will learn:
• How the grounds crew prepares for the day’s game as soon as the
previous night’s game ends and why
• these tips can save you time and money while helping your sports
field be a championship field too.
Some of the things you will learn include the following:
– Mow 2 times or more a week for the best turf
– Drag slow each day for the best infield dirt
– Manage grass edges regularly to prevent lips
– Be consistent with preparation
– Involve others with guidance to help you
– And how water is your most important baseball field maintenance
I spent two days with head groundskeeper Bob Christopherson and
his crew with STMA in mid July. See how they take care of their
bluegrass field in the pacific northwest during pleasant 70 degree

#4: Checklists, Diagrams, & Charts
In this special report (25 pages) I show you how to identify and
prioritize your improvement efforts and ensure you get it done right.
If you are like me you don’t have an unlimited amount of time and
money to spend on sports field maintenance and upgrades.So, how
do you identify and prioritize your improvement efforts? What should
you spend your time and money on? And how do you know the projects
you pick to work on really keep your sports field safe and playable
for your players?The answer
is to use an audit or assessment checklist. The list covers all
aspects of your ball park including topics most folks don’t even
think about. As you go through the list and its components, ask
yourself if your field has that problem. If so, you can identify
what you will do about it.Once you
walk out on your ballpark and fill out the assessment you can then
see the priority areas and consider what it will take to improve
it. Start to identify the work and tools and materials, if any,
that are needed for the fix. Then you
can begin to formulate a schedule and your workday. But I am getting
ahead of myself. Work day planning is a whole other topic in a different
special report.The audit
checklist is designed for you to print it out and take it with you
as you walk your ball park. Take notes and write your comments and
thoughts. Then return to your office or work area and take a look
at the findings and your own recommendations.This is
a great tool for communicating with your director, board, or boss.
It can help with budget planning and work planning. I personally
try to use this audit in late fall or early winter for the spring
budget planning and again in the mid summer for the fall ball planning.

If you don’t buy this product right now,
you’ll be missing out on the best
product you’ll ever buy,
and if you buy right now, you’ll get it at the introductory
rate of practically nothing!

Bonus! When you buy this
awesome product, you’ll also recieve 7
more awesome products,
including Expert Advice on How to Keep Your Turf / Dirt Edge
Trim and Level, Game Day Preparation with the Cincinnati Reds,
and Groundskeeper Tips & Hints!

#5: How To Get the Winning Edge
In this special report (77 pages) I show you not only how to keep
a nice, neat turf edge, but I also show you how to fix those horrible
edges that exist on most every youth baseball field.
This one thing that is responsible for more field induced injuries
than anything else. It is responsible for more field caused errors
than anything else. It causes more lost games than any other field

What is it?
It is the edge where the turf and the dirt meet.
A bad edge causes bad hops, sprained ankles, strained knees. And
it causes players to shy away from fielding a ball anywhere near
the edge.
This special report is all about how to get and keep a winning edge.
It covers expert advice on how to keep your turf / dirt edge trim
and level.
Loaded with pictures so you know exactly what to do with your specific
situation.How to Get the Winning Edge includes:
– The Importance of a flat grass edge
– Daily maintenance of the edge – how the pros do it
– The typical edging process that you can easily do
– Major and minor edge repair: hosing, trench and roll, new sod,
mass aerate and roll, & a project to reclaim the dirt build up
– How to mark the edges.

#6 Game Day Preparation with the Cincinnati Reds
In 51 action packed pages you will learn:

How the
grounds crew prepares for the day’s game when it is close to
100 degrees F, and why

These tips
can save you time and money while helping your sports field
be a championship field too.

Some of the things you will learn include the following:
– Why sometimes less is more
– Setting up batting practice
– Manage grass edges to prevent lips
– Be consistent with preparation
– Involve others with guidance to help you
– And how water is your most important baseball field maintenance
I spent two days with head groundskeeper Doug Gallant and his crew
with STMA in mid June. See how they take care of their rye grass
field in the mid west during hot, mid to upper 90 degree days.Bonus
#7: Groundskeeper Tips & Hints

In this 25 page report you will learn The Secret To Keeping The
Momentum Going.You have to Stay Focused!The
baseball field maintenance handbook gives you knowledge and instruction.
However, you have to put in the effort to apply what you learn.But how
do you keep going during the dry times? The off season?Stay focused.
Focused on the investment you are making in your community – the
youth and the families. Not only a better baseball experience, but
also an investment in your future. There is both satisfaction and
fulfillment in knowing this.This special
report inspires you to make maximum use of what you learn. That’s
You have to:
1) – acquire knowledge and instruction, but
2) – you also have to apply what you learn.

Trying Hard is Not Good Enough.
The difference between success and disappointment often
lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that

Yes, you really do get 7 bonus reports along with the Baseball Field
Maintenance Handbook.
And these aren’t just small, flimsy throw-aways. Each one could
really be its own product sold separately. You need all this information
to make a difference at with your sports facility.
And I want you to have it all! Knowledge is power. Use your knowledge
to make a difference.
• Bonus #1: Sample Baseball Field Maintenance Projects
• Bonus #2: How to Make and Paint Field Logos
• Bonus #3: Game Day Preparation with the Seattle Mariners
• Bonus #4: Checklists, Diagrams, and Charts
• Bonus #5: How to Get the Winning Edge
• Bonus #6: Game Day Preparation with the Cincinnati Reds
• Bonus #7: Groundskeepers Tips & Hints
Imagine being a hero to your players, to your organization, and
to your community. This package is just what you need. Whether you
are a seasoned veteran or a newbie at baseball field maintenance
this is the package for you.

If you don’t buy this product right now,
you’ll be missing out on the best
product you’ll ever buy,
and if you buy right now, you’ll get it at the introductory
rate of practically nothing!

Bonus! When you buy this
awesome product, you’ll also recieve 7
more awesome products,
including Sample Baseball Field Maintenance Projects,
How to Make and Paint Field Logos, Game Day Preparation with
the Seattle Mariners, Checklists, Diagrams, and Charts, How
to Get the Winning Edge, Game Day Preparation with the Cincinnati
Reds, and Groundskeepers Tips & Hints!

Still Wondering If You Could Do This?

This is Your Chance to Take Me Up On An Outrageous NO- RISK Trial
of the Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook, Transforming Your Baseball
Field into a Winning Field, Where You’ll Discover How to Turn Even
a Mediocre Sports Field into a Championship Field and Enjoy a Better
Baseball Experience… in Just a Few Weeks – and at Virtually No
Extra Cost.

You see, I’m going to let you try the Baseball Field Maintenance
Handbook and the Bonuses for 60 days. So, for 60 days you’ll get
to use the Handbook and the bonus guides.
You’ll get access to the entire Baseball Field Maintenance System,
plus you can ask me any question you want about your specific sports
field and your situation.
You have nothing to lose. If you don’t like the handbook, you can
ask for your money back. So there is no risk to you. Instead, you
can get started on transforming your sports field into a winning
field and do it with minimal equipment and in minimum time to help
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Say goodbye to ugly, lumpy, bumpy baseball fields where players
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someone’s dream. Instead, you’ll get proven tips, hints, and guidance
used by over 641 men and women to be a hero to their community.

Plus, you’ll get all the bonus special reports with all the examples
you can use.
Start getting more results in less time with the field maintenance
handbook today. The details are waiting for you inside, along with
the secret to a winning sports field.

the secrets to transform your old ball field
into a championship baseball field today.

I just
wanted to send my thanks for publishing such a great and informative
resource. I read through it today and it has captivated my
attention for hours.

I thought
I knew a lot about field maintenance but you have some great
tips and tricks in here. One of my favorites that I read about
is lip remediation with an aerator and a 3ton roller…AWESOME!
I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks again for all your help
and I hope you have a great season!

Dickerson, Elite TurfCare Group, Austin TX,

the Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook and Bonus Guides For
60 days With A No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!”Test
drive” the Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook and Guides
for the next 60 days with absolutely no risk so you can see
for yourself how much better your ball field can be. You are
completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.
You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled
and amazed with the handbook and guides, or you can simply
email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no
questions asked, 100% refund.
In fact, if you’re not completely happy for any reason at
all, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after
seeing so many baseball insiders transform their sports fields
while saving so much time and money by using these amazing
tips and hints they can do themselves, I’m totally confident
that you’re going to love these manuals too and you’ll start
seeing the best results of your life.

You Every Success,Jim
ReinerPublisher, Editor, & GroundskeeperThe Ultimate Baseball Field Renovation Guide™

PS. Be a Hero and Transform Your Baseball Field Saving You Time
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Fullest Potential with the NEW Baseball Field Maintenance Handbooks
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PPS. And your results and complete satisfaction are guaranteed –
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Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook and Bonus Guides are
downloadable manuals and special reports in PDF. No physical products
will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to
download and view the field maintenance handbook and all the bonus
reports on your computer. The handbook and guide format is adobe
acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.If
you need assistance on anything, you can contact us at
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