Lifestyle Block 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Eco-Friendly Lunch Box – Regular



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Lifestyle Block stainless steel food storage is the ideal solution for lunches and leftovers. Our 100% stainless steel containers are a safe alternative to harmful plastics. BPA free (bisphenol-A), BPS free (bisphenol-S), and phthalate free – a healthy, safe food storage container for your healthy foods. Stainless Steel 201 will not stain or retain colors, odors, or flavors so rest assured you will have this product for years to come. Easy to clean: wash with warm soap and water or simply toss in the dishwasher. You can feel good about this environmentally friendly choice. Waste free and reusable, you will have this durable lunch container for many years. Don’t waste money on plastic bags and disposable containers and keep waste out of landfills. Not water-tight, so please keep upright if you have anything liquid inside. Available in a variety of sizes. 31 ounce capacity total (approximately 3.8 cups) Bottom section can hold 12 ounces, or 1.5 cups. Top section can hold 14 ounces, or 1.75 cups. Snack container can hold 5 ounces or .75 cups. Check out all Lifestyle Block stainless steel containers in other shapes and sizes to pack your perfect lunch! Clips too loose? Too tight? Don’t toss your container just yet! Clips are intentionally adjustable and here’s how to do it: If you want the clips looser: with the container open, use your thumb to pull the clips outwards horizontally away from the container “stretching” them. You can use pliers for a little extra, but try your thumb at first – a little tugging goes a long way. If you want the clips tighter, use your thumb to bend the clips down and inwards toward the container.

100% High quality stainless steel is a completely safe plastic free alternative. Free of BPA, BPS, Lead, toxins, and harmful Phthalates.
Includes three separate compartments to pack a variety of foods.
Measures 4 inches wide x 5.5 inches long x 2.75 inches high. Weight is 16 ounces.
Perfect for packing a small sandwich or salad on the bottom and two separate side dishes on the top. The small rectanguar insert can also be removed and packed seperately.
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Will not retain or impart colors, stains, odors, or flavors. Perfect for Kids or Adults.




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